AppleCare or SquareTrade

Compare AppleCare or SquareTrade Pricing

Deciding between AppleCare or SquareTrade warranty? Use the Squaretrade vs AppleCare Protection Plan chart below to help you

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*Accident Protection Plan – with spills and drops protection

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Is Apple Care for MacBook Air & Pro worth it?

AppleCare vs SquareTrade

applecare or squaretrade Squaretrade vs applecare
AppleCare Protection Plan SquareTrade
3 year protection
Does not include spill and drops
Phone support
Covers accessories
No limits on repairs
3 year protection (4 year option)
Drops + spill (for laptops under $2000)
No phone support
No brick and mortar support
No coverage
Repairs limited to max value of item

Reasons use SquareTrade

SquareTrade has a Accidental Handling Coverage, or Drops + Spill, for newly purchased laptops under $2000. There is also the option to extend the coverage to 4 years but this removes the option of Accidental Handling Coverage.

Reasons use AppleCare

Unlike SquareTrade, AppleCare covers power adapter and Apple accessories purchased with your Mac, this includes mouse, keyboards and even Apple Displays.